Is Everyone Blogging Without Me?

074A5839As I viciously keyed “natural cold remedies” into my computer’s search engine whilst awaiting the moment my one year old would cough so violently it would make him barf and wake him, I was assaulted by a wave of parenting blogs with solutions galore. Humidifiers, honey (but not if your child is under one year of age), cuddling, coddling, cod liver oil, nasal aspirators, steam showers, massage and more were the suggestions that jumped out upon first search. A few sites recounted the benefits of administering acetaminophen or ibuprofen in the recommended dosage, but then others admonished giving your precious little one any drugs (with a capital ‘D’). I was confused. And sleep deprived. It was 3:23 a.m and I had to be up for work in two hours. Finally, when my son coughed like he was hacking on a wishbone and awoke (thankfully with no puke), I shoved a dose of Tylenol in his mouth, rocked him and hoped for the best.

I got my two hours of sleep. And my coffee was bullet proof the next morning.

But something else occurred to me the following day as I wiped my babe’s bottom and prepped him for daycare: blogs. There were so many. Forget the amount of advice given on WebMD and BabyCenter. Blogs were it. At least, for mom’s looking for viable solutions and answers that have been tested by other moms.

There were blogs for hippie moms, stay at home moms, Christian moms, working moms, paleo moms, Alpha moms. And lets not forget the dads! Usually with a funny ‘I’m a dad and I don’t know what I’m doing’ sort of banter, the dad blogs were often my favourite.

The glaring fact was: there was a blog for everything and everyone from all walks of life. It was like each person thought “hey! I’ve popped out a kid or two, surely someone wants to hear about it.” And we do! I want to hear about others experiences because in this Internet infested world, I do want parenting advice from those who have been in the trenches. I want to know tips and tricks that will help my son sleep through the night. I want to know a fun way to make my kid eat spinach. I want to laugh at a humorous post about vacuuming the house with a glass of wine in hand! Above all, I want to glean some information from a community of other parents, since the village mentality is quite dead in this day and age.

So here I am, with the same thought. I have a couple of kids, a husband, a house, a job and an English degree not being put to use. Surely someone will want to hear my wealth of tried and true info I’ve stored in my stressed out mom memory banks. Right? Shouldn’t I contribute to the global village that is now a mass of Internet blogs?

So here’s what I know so far: Do what works for you. Do what lets you get some sleep. Do what will make your kids decent human beings. Do something that makes you happy.

Welcome, friends. Here are Your Little Years.




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